• Lets share something about the word alternate  and its place in human in destroying the quality of human relationship. Trend of leaving the the good friends of realtion by saying “I don’t need to worry, I can find your alternate.” But in my personal approach I always wonder how one can find, replace or alternate veracity, time , emtions and feelings of one person. So Its better not to loose someone by only thinking that every thing has an alternate, so stop loosing the loved ones on the basis of your such thinking. Somethings are not replaceable!!



Obsession is of anything, some are obsessed with cars , some with latest technology or accessories and some with happiness. But I think the worst obsession is of success. Its actually the obsession of success which betray us form the true path,with real happiness & with the true cause of living. 

We are moving forward by ruining the happiness of others, by gasping the smile from the faces of our family & family.. This obsession has made us weird. We become wolves in the form of humans.The echos of” We damn care about others, the success is waiting for us” has kick us to curb for helping others.. 

please wake your inner being, let free yourself from slavery of success so that we may enjoy the true meaning of freedom.


Today I went to my university farms and there I met and old guard  (baba ji). I asked him 

“How many years do you work here?”

He said “24 years” I frowned myself with amazingly.

His name is HAFIZ LATIF. Then I asked him about an advice which he wanted to give for younger generation.

Firstly, he said children didn’t listen (bacha ni sun da).Then after my forcing him,


Daily Prompt: Promises

via Daily Prompt: Promises

Promises which we make with our selves are the weakest and funniest thing, I have ever known. I think these are meant to be broken and their numbers are increases in such an enormous way that we often become astonish. 

The bad thing is that we always value those promises which we have made with others. What about those which we made with our souls? Why we are always ready to betray with ourselves?Why we have make ourselves on the 2nd place? Think about it.First full fill the promises which you have made with yourselves. It’s the best hing to develop and to do.


COMMUNICATION GAP is a broad term,  it s either between parents and children , teacher or students or even between friends. Communication gaps of long time or period results even in the lost of dear ones. I think it is kind of misunderstanding and also  due to lack of understanding others position, situation and  behavior.

I think this gaps enter when the old generation lost its endurance and young generation become fierce.Now a days even in families this gap has become a giant venom which is engulfing the taste of love, affection and sweet environment of home.We  live like an  expatriate in our own home.

Social circle is also affected by this poisonous gap.The environment is becoming pathetic and worst.we are losing our friends and family only due to minor misunderstanding which this the passage of time become so major gaps that we become helpless upfront of them.

it’s time to rebuild our attitude, our environment and specially our thinking. We have to give others a chance and a soothing environment so that no such gaps will come between two generations.


Now a days there is a phobia of judging.Every person judges you by you ways of walking talking, speaking. This type of stereotype develops fear in people. Now they are afraid of showing them , who actually they are. Sometimes your intentions are not they way they are judged by others.

The depression of people has been increasing due this fear.They are limiting themselves, they stop opening their selves.The fear of judging has destroyed our faith on friends, people and in our communities.NO one will come to stop , we have to stop it by ourselves. RAISE YOUR VOICE. JOIN HANDS. NO MORE JUDGEMENT!!.