COMMUNICATION GAP is a broad term,  it s either between parents and children , teacher or students or even between friends. Communication gaps of long time or period results even in the lost of dear ones. I think it is kind of misunderstanding and also  due to lack of understanding others position, situation and  behavior.

I think this gaps enter when the old generation lost its endurance and young generation become fierce.Now a days even in families this gap has become a giant venom which is engulfing the taste of love, affection and sweet environment of home.We  live like an  expatriate in our own home.

Social circle is also affected by this poisonous gap.The environment is becoming pathetic and worst.we are losing our friends and family only due to minor misunderstanding which this the passage of time become so major gaps that we become helpless upfront of them.

it’s time to rebuild our attitude, our environment and specially our thinking. We have to give others a chance and a soothing environment so that no such gaps will come between two generations.


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